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INLEAN, a strategic partner with solid experience in achieving superior results by combining industrial engineering and ICT.

Contributing in design specifications and in implementation, our solutions are operational in service and high availability.  We also assure the necessary support for continuous improvement of processes and progressive expansion with new functionalities. Among other implementations, the most representative are:

MOM Solution [Pharma Sector]

MOM system of an international pharmaceutical company for Quality Control Sampling, Weighing, Formulation, Dosing and Set up. Based on standard MOM software and integrated with ERP, LIMS and WMS.

MES Solution    [Chemical Sector]

Recipe management and batch control solution of a chemical company for liquid mixing and packaging based on standard MES software and integrated with ERP.

MES Solution [Pharma Sector]

MES System of an international pharmaceutical company for Weighing and Dosing (W&D) based on MES software and integrated with ERP.

EM Solution [Pharma Sector]

Energy efficiency management solution of a pharmaceutical company for set up and manufacturing lines based on standard EM software.

MES Solution    [Pharma Sector]

Sistema MES de un cia. farmacéutica para Preparación de Materiales, Pesadas, Formulación y Dosificado basado en software MES estándar y en integración con ERP.

EM Solution [CPG]

Resource efficiency management system of a consumer packaged goods company to calculate efficiency of manufacturing lines based on standard KPI + EM + OEE software.

MES Solution    [Biotech. Sector]

MES system of an international biotechnological company for Weighting, Formulation and Set up based on a standard MES system and integrated with ERP and PLM.

PDM Solution [Pharma Sector]

PDM solution for a pharmaceutical industry, data for manufacturing electronic guides management and integrated with PLM.

MES Solution    [Food products]

MES system of a beverage production and packaging company based on standard MES system and integrated with ERP and WMS.

MES + PLM Solution [Discrete]

MES-PLM integration of an industrial equipment company for managing product and process master data within an international group.